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And lately I feel completely stuck in the middle of the confusion.In my memoir (Rodale) - I share how I try to confront my own morals - and my own sexual needs in the box of a marriage.But these researchers defined misrepresentation quite broadly, where subjects reviewing transcripts of their conversations were encouraged to label their statements as false if the statements could be perceived as inaccurate or if the subjects weren’t sure if they were accurate.

In an earlier post, I discussed how people involved in online relationships can develop intense bonds due to the unique ability for the anonymity and control provided by online interactions to enable expression of the “true self”: traits that a person possesses, but does not normally feel comfortable expressing to others.

Yeah - it's very funny - and sexy - but what I am talking about is so much more.

How does a "modern day girl" in a traditional yet "modern day marriage" cope with female desire, monogamy, marriage, and self image - without "Flip-Flopping"?

It’s certainly true that it can be easier to lie online than offline, particularly about your physical appearance or job.

So the lies we tell online have the potential to be far more all-encompassing than anything we could get away with in person.

The five of us were naked, soaking in the hot tub at my friends house in Florida. We were all adults - and there were no kids in the house. Stake burning may be out dated - but one could lose their day job or in days past their genitals!

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