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He played games with hundreds of fans and performed magic. His girlfriends also praised him after trying the food he made. Wu Zun expressed as a male, he didn't get to know facial care in depth in the past and never put on facial mask with girlfriend together. When asked on Aaron Yan’s absence, they explained that it was not appropriate for him to attend as he co-owned another salon.Wu Chun also brought her daughter, Nei Nei along to Taiwan this time.It was reported that Li Ying's father is very well-known among the overseas Chinese social circle in Brunei, and Li Ying herself was Chun's high school classmate.Like Li Ying, Chun also comes from a very privileged and wealthy family in Brunei.While Chun was working in Taiwan, she helped to manage Chun's gymnasium business in Brunei, while operating her own nail store and spa. In 2011, rumours of Chun being a father began to surface, and many reporters travelled to Brunei to scour more information.

I was worried that the toilet would be dirty, so I let her wear her diapers.

It's a good thing to have boyfriend/girlfriend." Wu Zun joked he saw picture of Ella's boyfriend and felt they look good together. if it's real or not (look at how Chunnie say 'shi zhen shi jia', to me, it looks suspicious with his expression) yeah because this thing... (when he said jiu shi, repeated twice as if he hesitated) will ask her bah! Does this mean you didn't really see the magazine but told you about it? Go back in Taiwan now so that you can "ask her personally." Make sure to cheer her up also!

a strong willed person." ------ And history repeats... If you've read the magazine you'll know about the cheating part also.

When Chun was 16 years old, his brother-in-law remarked that Chun still did not have any dating experiences yet, and thus introduced him to Li Ying.

Chun said their first encounter was awkward, but after getting to know each other some more, he admired her personality.

Soon, he fell in love, reports Jayne Stars."It was crazy," Chun said when recalling his dating life.

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