Who is tamara braun dating


Details surrounding Tamara Braun’s new role aren’t being given yet.

It has only been confirmed that she will not be playing Carly Corinthos.

I'm hearing from multiple sources Daytime Emmy winner Tamara Braun is thisclose to inking a deal to return to ABC Daytime's . I hear Braun will be playing a new-but-pivotal role tied to the upcoming "Tale of Two Jasons" saga. Carly Sarah Brown also played mob princess Claudia Zacchara on the soap.

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Thank you to @dharma_rescue for the incredible work you do helping pups in need.Laura Wright is secure in the role, but hints suggest that she may be connected to Steve Burton’s return.It will take a little bit of an adjustment period for long-time “” fans to get used to seeing both Tamara and Laura in Port Charles.And to the incredible fans who came out and supported!When Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) returns to Pine Valley in October, she's bringing home someone special with her. She is has the power to go ahead with any sort of role ranging from comedy to romantic followed by thrilling roles too.

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