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She was also on the three-person team responsible for Google Ad Words, which is an algorithm used by advertisers to get insight into the products consumers want.

Ad Words helped deliver 96% of the company's revenue in the first quarter of 2011.

To simplify the bureaucratic process and "make the culture the best version of itself", Mayer launched a new online program called PB&J.

It collects employee complaints, as well as their votes on problems in the office; if a problem generates at least 50 votes, online management automatically investigates the matter.

Born: May 30, 1975Wausau, Wisconsin Education High School Wausau West High School Graduated 1993Undergraduate Stanford University, Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems specializing in Artificial Intelligence Graduated with honors June 1997Graduate Master of Science in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence Graduated June 1999Honorary Degrees Honrary Doctorate of Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology - 2008Family Background: Marissa Ann Mayer is the first child and only daughter of Michael and Margaret Mayer; the couple also have a son, Mason, born four years after his sister.

Her father was an environmental engineer who worked for water-treatment plants and her mother was an art teacher and stay-at-home mom who decorated their Wausau home with Marimekko prints -- a Finnish company known for its brightly colored designs against a clean white background.

An earlier lawsuit was filed by Gregory Anderson, who was fired in 2014, alleging the company’s performance management system was arbitrary and unfair and disguised layoffs as terminations for the purpose of evading state and federal WARN Acts, making it the first WARN Act and gender discrimination lawsuit Yahoo! As well as sitting on the boards of directors of Walmart and Jawbone, Mayer also sits on several non-profit boards such as Cooper–Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

She was listed in Forbes Magazine's List of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2012, 20, with ranks of 20, 32 and 18 respectively. but said, referencing Vince Lombardi's "Your God, your family and the Green Bay Packers" quote, her priorities are "God, family and Yahoo!

For full details please refer to our Privacy Policy." Hopes were high when Marissa Mayer was first hired as Yahoo CEO in 2012.

In September 2013, Mayer became the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to be featured in a Vogue magazine spread. , except I'm not that religious, so it's really family and Yahoo!

Mayer eventually made Fortune magazine history in 2013, as the only person to feature in all three of its annual lists during the same year: Businessperson of the Year (No.

Scott Ard, a prominent editorial director, fired from Yahoo!

in 2015, filed a lawsuit alleging that “Mayer encouraged and fostered the use of (an employee performance-rating system) to accommodate management’s subjective biases and personal opinions, to the detriment of Yahoo!

We went through a bunch of recent news stories and Nicholas Carlson's book — "Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!

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