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That's not just because the app begs for sync with personal social networks, making the advertisement of humor easy; players also have crude but significant control over the Boyfriend's appearance.Some lines are just funnier spoken by a vacant-eyed, swoop-haired pretty boy you can dress in a shirt that says "Thug." Boyfriend Maker's straight up weirdness managed to blithely defy best practices about the virality of social games and in-app purchases, which says a lot about the kind of content some demographics want to identify themselves with and share.It's more than just the alternating amusement and horror at a fantasy boyfriend spewing casually-offensive gibberish that helped Boyfriend Maker become an internet sensation.Part of what compelled players to try the app out was the unique pleasure in experimenting with a complex and inscrutable system, to unpredictable results (some of which reveal the Boyfriend's ability to identify Pokemon, albeit imperfectly, and to sing The Eurythmics).It's a garish conflagration of pink, blue and J-Pop aesthetics.

"I didn't make it to the bathroom," the lush-lipped Ken doll replies.As of press time Boyfriend Maker is no longer available on the App Store, and is unlikely to pass muster again unless it develops a more predictably-safe chat engine.Its absence is causing a veritable outcry in social media circles, though, and it's interesting to think about its spontaneous boom and what we might learn from it.As Jay Z and Alicia Keys finalized their "Empire State of Mind" performance, Lil Mama took the stage uninvited and tried to pose next to Jigga and Alicia.Afterwards, Lil Mama apologized and Hov called the act "outta line." She was ridiculed by fans.In a flagrant breach of fantasy, your 'boyfriend' will routinely remind you that conversation costs energy, and to get energy you're forced to share these 'romantic' conversations on your Facebook wall.

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