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Finally, I'll pick a winner, on College Game Day on Nov. With no ties to anyone and every right to bandwagon, I'll get to make decisions based on where the good vibes take me. We don't have to be interested in games against cupcakes and are free to concentrate on the meaningful games each week." A compelling argument, to be sure. ) reminded me of what I said goodbye to (and that I'll never get to rock that totally badass turnover chain). But in the end, a mini-pub crawl and a last-minute gut feeling had me making one more heart-wrenching cut to get to a true final two.

Then, I received an impassioned, elaborate email plea from Georgia alum Neal Maziar on behalf of the Bulldogs that almost had me crossing the country to beg Uga to take me back. Let's start with the first two teams to go, Notre Dame and Michigan State.

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My alma mater, Cornell University, has a football team, but the Ivy League is one of just three FCS conferences that don't take part in the annual NCAA Division I football championship, and the only league that doesn't participate in any postseason play at all.Over the course of this season, I'll take a group of 24 teams and whittle them down until I find my ideal squad. First, I had a rogue emailer try to turn me off of love altogether, suggesting I "show up with a dozen roses and set them on fire." Michael Rauch, who identifies himself as "Team Chaos and Good Games," said choosing a team just sets you up for disappointment. their hopes for a playoff berth may be gone after two games," he wrote. If I'm being totally honest, I'm not entirely certain I've ended up with the right teams.When two teams remain, I'll hit the road for "Fantasy Taildates" to get to know each one a little better. "On Team Chaos, we get to root for one team one week and their opponent's team the next. In fact, for most of the week, I planned to pull a Rachel, change the rules and try to squeeze in three hometown dates.Every time I've been tempted to get rid of them because of the border rivalry or the Packers connections, another person weighs in singing their praises.From fans of other teams begrudgingly admitting how great Madison is, to Jordan Rodgers telling me they've got the best game-day scene in all of college football, I just haven't been able to quit UW.One problem might just be that Michigan fans didn't help their cause -- they've been barely a blip in my College Football Bachelorette communiques.

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