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These are people -- this was the first-time offense and unfortunately it was either their life or their abuser`s life. Now, I want to watch a little bit of tape about what happened yesterday.

PINSKY: So amongst the sisterhood is sort of growing out from amongst hardened criminals. This wasn`t, you know -- these weren`t career criminals that had been in trouble over and over again.

PINSKY: This is the same feeling I had last night, Brenda, which is like someone sitting on my chest.

CLUBINE: Every day, absolutely, because my heart breaks for victims because I`ve been there and I know what it feels like to be alone and I know what it feels like to reach out and feel like nobody`s hearing you.

I think other women that have walked in your shoes hear you and are attracted to what you have to say.

If you are in, whether it`s emotional abuse, whether it`s physical abuse -- if it`s just emotional, just emotionally, it`s going physical eventually.

And let them know what your situation is and that you need help right away. That`s why it`s so important that you contact that hotline because you need a local advocate and a counselor that can be with you and hold your hand and let you know that you can do this.

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My mother is Glenda, and she`s currently serving a life sentence. And I can say to that caller, why don`t they leave? She balances a hot TV career, motherhood and marriage. But tonight, she`ll talk the story of abuse and how it has impacted her sense of her own sexuality. (END VIDEO CLIP) PINSKY: We`re starting with Brenda Clubine. And later, 30-year-old Romi got married when she was 23. So, why is she getting hate mail with people calling her "traitor" and "slut"? She spent 26 years in prison for having murdered her husband whom she claims abused her for years. But after four months, got a divorce and started having sex with women. Now, a free woman, Brenda continues to fight for the freedom of abused, women still in prison for having killed husbands and lovers. What is our message to Governor Brown here in California?

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