Who is amelia fox dating


What are the everyday pleasures that you can’t live without? I’m addicted to coffee, much as I’ve tried to give it up. After doing [TV genealogy show] Who Do You Think You Are, I got a book done for a friend’s birthday present, with their family history and roots, with photographs, documents and anything relevant to their ancestry.

And flowers because wherever I am, I can make a home with them. Sometimes my working hours are not very friendly, and so I absolutely love being able to take Rose [Fox’s six-year-old daughter] to school and see that she gets in there, and she’s happy. I thought it was a birthday present that they would always have, always remember, and that could be passed on to their children. A friend named a rose after me, for my 40th birthday, and also Mr Fothergill’s Seeds gave a sweet pea my name.

Can you name something you’ve bought that you would never give away?

Our dogs, Dolly and Clive, two long-haired miniature Dachshunds.

It’s a show that I’m immensely proud of, and I think it still aims to evolve and change and keep its standards up, and I love being part of it. I think the very wonder that we still even exist and haven’t destroyed ourselves is extraordinary. Maybe then, on a simpler level, it’s our capacity to love. I was at the South Bank Awards and she was getting a sort of lifetime achievement award.

What do you consider humankind’s greatest achievement? Is it language, our ability to communicate with each other? Because I do think that that’s amazing, that we can travel the world, and how much that has opened up knowledge about the world we live in. Who best demonstrates, or has demonstrated, the courage of their convictions? Hearing her speak was eye-opening and wondrous, and I’ve been addicted to her ever since.

I’ve found it calms my mind, and it’s a positive influence.

And I’m not just a fair-weather gardener: I like doing the substantial work in it as well. What’s the best thing you’ve done for someone else?

When was the last time you made or created something? Best eaten warm, so it gets demolished straight away. Aside from Rose, who’s a daily wonder to watch, then I think being part of Silent Witness reaching its 20th series.

” She added on Twitter: “I want to say an extra Thank You to the amazing paramedics, ambulance crew & A&E staff #Save The NHS” He added: “Officers were called to Euston Road at 8.21pm on Thursday August 10 to reports of a man attacking two women with scissors.

“The two women were taken to hospital suffering minor cuts and subsequently discharged.” By Lucy Mapstone, Press Association Deputy Entertainment Editor Christopher Eccleston has shared his approval of Jodie Whittaker taking over the leading role in Doctor Who, and said that the programme needed a shake-up.

I love nothing better than celebrating the extraordinary in the very ordinary. Lara Cazalet, who is my best friend since we were 13, at school together, because she gives brilliant advice. It was the greatest birthday present ever, to have a flower that would carry on after me. My parents’ house in Dorset, because life is at its simplest there, and its purest, and definitely its best, because everything is about family and friends. All that is put aside, so you have to communicate with each other.

You have to talk to each other, play games with each other.

She was married to Jared Harris from 2005 until 2010.

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