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Chris, but her world soon starts crashing down as she gets bad news from every corner. grows tired of his parental responsibilities and vies for a way out.Meanwhile, Drew worries about Vince coming after him and reflects on his relationship with Bianca. And due to his Asperger Syndrome, Connor begins to grow curious about girls in inappropriate ways.Meanwhile, Wesley digs himself in too deep with his lie about being able to drive, which could ruin Hannah's trust in him.Also, Bianca's side job could ruin her newly built friendship with Imogen."U Don't Know" Part One Holly J.'s health is getting worse, leading her to look for a kidney donor within her family. Brightside" Part Two Drew tries to find other ways to cope with his fear and joins the school newspaper until he finds out about an underground MMA fighting ring. "Extraordinary Machine" Part One Eli is off his medication and unstable. and Jenna prepare to interview a couple who wants to adopt Tyson.But in the process, she gets the shock of a lifetime. Brightside" Part One Drew's mixed martial arts training is the only thing keeping him together, but when a school exposé forces him to quit, he is left stranded without his remedy. Meanwhile, Alli talks to Dave, and they agree to start over and introduce Dave to her parents as her boyfriend. He is convinced that he can use the play to repair his relationship with Clare. Also, Anya, still rebellious and without any post-graduation plans, jeopardizes her relationship with Owen due to her constant drug use.Meanwhile, Adam worries that Katie is not attracted to him because of his growing breasts and contemplates chest reconstruction. "Lose Yourself" Part One Jenna wants desperately to come back to Degrassi but doesn't have enough money for child care. Oh, competes to write the score for the school play. C.'s infidelity, they begin to wonder if they are ready to be parents. Meanwhile, Wesley is threatened by another male student when he joins him and his girlfriend in a science project.

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"Paper Planes" Part Two Anya grows increasingly worried about her college interview while the urge to do more cocaine becomes stronger.Meanwhile, Adam is attracted to Katie and thinks she may be reciprocating this feeling. Meanwhile, Alli tries to make Dave the perfect boyfriend before she presents him to her family. "Extraordinary Machine" Part Two Eli has met his match in Imogen, who is someone just as willing to go to extraordinary and highly questionable lengths to get what she wants. realizes he must do what's best for the people he loves.Also, Imogen wants to play the role of "Clara" in the school play and begins shadowing Clare. tracks down her birth mother but struggles in mustering up the courage to ask her to be a kidney donor. Meanwhile, Anya has her mind set on joining the Canadian Air Force, but her drug use may ruin her one chance of getting in. "Drop It Like It's Hot" Part One Alli needs to break the news about her summer program to Dave sooner or later, so she plans a special night for them.Meanwhile, after the whole bed bug incident, Fiona struggles to tell Charlie that she is a recovering alcoholic.Also, Alli, Wesley, and Hannah come together to put an end to Connor's obsession.Also, Dave tries to convince himself that it is ok to be friends with Alli.

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