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you don't get solicited from Olga or Iylana from places formerly within the USSR that you can't even spell, even if you were sober and were sweating during Final Jeopardy. It seemed okay, except that the chat rooms mostly consisted of about 30 guys to one girl, constantly asking for boob shots. Now you know, I am a male, and I definately have a healthy like for the female anatomy. But when it comes to about 16 guys telling some nice lady to show, and being total jerks about it...is just stupid.it really makes a decent guy feel bad about their chances of ever even getting the time of day from a nice lady..simply because of all of the idiots there. I wonder how they will justify that, being as they can't even decently run their free version of the site.

I've recieved all of two replies, and met one nice lady as a result..although by the look of it that one's seemingly nothing more than friendship.

I just hope this one goes WAY BEYOND what I am expecting! Well i first stumbled across this site before it got huge at first it wasnt bad in its early stages on the web , But now its a pictures personel nightmare and yes its a spammers delight with bots emailing you to death i know call it crap date because you got chatty chucks in there for days , Not to say i didnt get any responses which i did , But heck ,its gotten to be a large yahoo personel dump truck and we all know how yahoo youst to be in the personels but like with all the others they run there course til they start charging our dumping the site and changing the name to a pay site i have yet to see a good classy free site such as this eventho you get your riff raft and rants of social people to try to match up in some way , I mean who in the hell is gonna fly united or american airlines for one cup of java at starbucks lol " Come on folks if it aint local we chatty chuck it down to the next until we find another hoping for true bliss and if we hit the jackpot you rarely hear about it , Some being happy as hell to finding the right person with out the barstools and the ex walking in our the husband or wife ready to bust somebody lol" So webdate is cruising along with its data base getting large by the minute and soon as they drop the veri-sigh visa form youl see everybody running like ants .So thats my thoughts about crapdate oops " webdate eventho i am the biggest sucker to for posting as well he he he .....

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I've found this interesting story btw you buy anything from them and it does not work, you'll NEVER see your money back Only together we will put an end to this Web Date Scam.

The admin area is a little user friendly and the software is great but don't expect any good support from this company. I have tried to contact somebody by email, phone and their online support with NO SUCCESS. You will end up with a software they will not support. If I had some advice to give someone thinking about buying this software I would say stay a mile away from this company! They do not respond to emails, their tech support is terrible. Webscribble is one of the WORST companys I have ever dealt with online.

The list is so longg that I don't feel like writing about it all.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I am starting a legal case now, hope you will also do this.

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