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The plan is to release the device by May 2018, but the date could change.

During the initial development of Aloha, Facebook employees conducted focus groups to understand how the device could be marketed.

Facebook rented a house to test the device in various rooms and people who were asked to test Aloha said they felt uncomfortable having the device recognize them in private spaces, like bedrooms.

To assuage concerns about privacy, Facebook has considered creative ways to market Aloha, including pitching it as a device for letting the elderly easily communicate with their families.

They received overwhelming concern that Facebook would use the device to spy on users, people familiar with the matter said.

The Aloha's ability to recognize people through its camera also caused privacy concerns.

The company ran into similar concerns back in 2013 when it introduced Facebook Home, an Android phone powered by Facebook apps and made by HTC. The consumer hardware division inside Facebook responsible for Aloha, called Building 8, is also working on a smart speaker without a screen, wearables, and more futuristic brain-scanning technology.

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