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And I thought, I have six months to adapt it, no big deal, I’m going to do it quickly.Giving priority to places I need to get to in the story. Because filming such intimacy exposes both actors and director.Ferran has pulled off the daunting task of adapting a tale about sexual fulfilment with minimal plot, built around love-making scenes, which in themselves mark plot points.Since the chasm of class fails to scandalize today as it did when the book was published in 1928, Ferran chose to foreground the theme of “love as an opportunity to access intimate truths.” The Franco-German arts channel ARTE, which embraced her project from the start, gave Ferran the freedom to cast an ensemble of actors who bring to the story an immediacy and truthful ring that never falter.Kino Film will open the film in limited release beginning Friday, June 22. We have a cliche image of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” as a rather musty erotic novel from the past.indie WIRE: What prompted you to adapt this novel for film? No one had told me it’s simply the most beautiful love story in the world [laughs].But this stuff is pure Lawrence, an author who found God in the “life force” as incarnated by nature; who on an ordinary day might write: “the magnificent here and now of life in the flesh is ours, and ours alone, and ours only for a time.

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But why is Parkin pronounced “Park-keen,” and all these people speaking French in an English coal-mining community?After an eleven year hiatus, following “Coming to Terms with the Dead” (awarded the Cannes Camera d’Or in 1994), and “The Age of Possibility” in 1995, Ferran has made good on the abundant promise of her earlier work.“Chatterley” has collected no fewer than five Cesar awards (French Oscar equivalent).Thanks to Ferran’s artistry we give this discordance a pass.Her genre-crossing “Chatterley” plays like a piece of music, with sets of motifs repeating and adding meaning with each repetition.Through those pointilistic scenes I was trying to convey that in the beginning, everything sort of merges together for Connie.

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