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When a child expects that her feelings and concerns will be appreciated and understood, her emotions become less urgent.

Because each disappointment and frustration now feels less painful, less “catastrophic,” she will be less insistent in her demands and more open and flexible in seeking solutions to problems.

Keep mealtimes peaceful, never tense, emotional, or a battleground 3. ” I wholeheartedly agree with clinical psychologist Kenneth Barish’s perspective, because this has been my experience, too: …

I know my three kids aren’t enough for a scientific sampling, but it’s my belief that toilet learning can be an almost effortless process provided we: Manners As Magda Gerber said (or perhaps warned), “What we teach is ourselves.” The lessons children learn through our behavior trump all else we aim to teach.She’ll try anything new and eats things she wouldn’t go anywhere near as a teen, and I’m hoping my 17 year old middle daughter will soon begin to broaden her tastes as well (she’s been narrowing them since adolescence like her sister did). Still has an insane amount of focused positive energy and excels in school and athletics.Maybe when he hits puberty he’ll start eating more.Children need us to prevent them from hurting themselves, their peers and us, but otherwise they learn the manners we expect by observing and listening.As I mentioned previously, I was a bit concerned about my kids remembering to say “thank you” when others expected it, and I would occasionally quietly remind them, perhaps more often than I needed to.Through trust we offer children opportunities to fully own their achievements and internalize the validating message: “I did it!

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