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Her appearance was that of a twenty- eight-year- old woman; her candid eyes were gray with highlights of green, her cheekbones high, her lips full and firm, and her hair, fixed in a long braid at her back, was the gold of sun-kissed wheat."And her faults? You know how you go to a job interview and the interviewer asks you "What is your biggest weakness?" and instead of revealing that you're a lazy slob who can barely get to work on time every day, you mutter something to the tune of "I'm too hard-working, too organized," it's like that with Mist.Even if this Loki had red hair instead."And the figure that emerged from the shadows was not tall and broad-shouldered, but as lean and wiry as a stoat.He was dressed in black from neck to toe, modified biker's leathers adorned with flashy metal trimmings and emblazoned with a stylized flame.

A better scholar and one more well-versed than I can probably criticize it on that matter, but for my part, I don't think there is much inconsistency with the characters of the various gods and goddesses and how they're used.It was if she had reached back into the time before time and drawn upon the very force of life itself."Did I say she's no goddess? It was revealed very early on that she's actually Freya's daughter, she just didn't know it!Mist is lovely, stunningly beautiful, without knowing it."And she was beautiful, in spite of her obvious unawareness of her beauty.His eyes were brilliant green, the irises rimmed with orange.His red hair was artfully styled, and his long, handsome face was smiling.I'm not going to bother with summarizing the story, because the plot was a mess, and I don't think I can do a better part than the official blurb without running off into a mess of a rant, so let's let that summary stand.

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