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An older version might work perfectly well, but I recommend you use the version issued with your Storm, just to be safe. Here are a few (not necessarily in the correct order): Agree to the license for the new OS version.Find the CD labeled Black Berry User Tools (not the disk labeled "Black Berry Storm 9530 smartphone," with VCast and VZAccess on it), pop it into your CD or DVD drive, and follow the instructions to do an installation. Choose in accordance with your needs (if you don't know, choose Yes). Just to be sure, do Options About and check that your update gave you the desired version: All-in-all, the process above takes about 30 minutes.If you choose to, or accidentally, delete one of those modules, having it on your computer allows you to restore it later using the Desktop Manager's Application Loader. So, you need the full collection of OS modules permanently residing on your computer for potential future maintenance of your phone.

Many users also say it runs faster than their phone's original Android software.

You must contact your BES Administrator for a software upgrade.] Select Black Berry 9530 and enter your phone number (I don't think it's used, it's just checked to verify that it's a valid Verizon phone number). A good practice is to save files to the Desktop because it's so much easier to find them there, but make your own choice. Start your Desktop Manager (version 4.7 recommended since that's what was issued with new Storms at the time of this writing) and let it detect your phone. (For Verizon Wireless, that is done by calling *228 and selecting option 1.) You are notified that applications and their data will be backed up to the computer, deleted from the phone, then restored after the update. This information was originally published by Kelly Carter on new a web site (blog) dedicated to helping new Black Berry owners or owners with a new Black Berry.

Note that there are directions for a "web-based upgrade" for users who don't have Desktop Manager installed. Notice that the name of the file reveals the OS version number ( and the carrier (Verizon). When it detects and interrogates your phone, and then checks to see what OS(es) is installed on your computer, Desktop Manager realizes that an update is available and gives you the option to Update Now. Here is a closer view of the dialog box that reveals that OS version 4.7 (termed System Software, Core Applications, etc.) is what the update will be.

The basic steps of the upgrade/update (those words are interchangeable here) are very simple: If you haven't already, install the Desktop Manager software that came with your Black Berry Storm.

The version that you received should have been version 4.7. Disconnect your phone from the computer, and your screen will guide you through a few steps.

To upgrade, users usually have to back up the original operating system and then "root" the phone, or disable the security settings that protect its OS from being modified, using a program such as Super One Click (free; shortfuse.org).

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