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In July 2016 the Joomla Extensions Directory team announced that all extensions had to be installable through the Joomla Update feature.

This meant that we had to adjust Jomres automatic update feature ( which had been working flawlessly since 2009 ) to use Joomla's process instead.

Therefore we would like to upgrade all our websites to Joomla 2.5.

For a couple of our website we have already been testing the migration process locally.

Thus if you don't use the original apps your custom app will remain untouched by the update process.Luckily, this process can be done quite easily from apps like Softaculous, which so happens we have available for web hosting at Green Within moments, you can easily update to the newest version of Joomla and continue working on creating an amazing website.Be careful, the update will replace any changes you made to the original applications.But it will leave any configuration files untouched (Types and Element Assignments).This is a guide how to upgrade Joomla to a newer version. First and foremost, because you want your Joomla website to be secure.

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