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Garmin dezl 770LMT-D is a premium truck sat nav designed for drivers of trucks, lorries, oversized vans and other large vehicles.

As well as trucks it also has other vehicle modes - making the dezl 770LMT-D a perfect partner for caravanners, motorhoming and even car drivers too.

Furthermore, lifetime traffic is included with the Garmin dezl 770LMT including possible detours to avoid traffic congestion all for no subscription fee.

The dezl 770LMT-D will also display estimated arrival times.

The Garmin dezl 770LMT-D is also compatible with the Wireless Backup Camera which is sold separately.

There is a large 7 inch screen and the speaker has been enhanced for louder, clearer voice instructions.

The Garmin dezl 770LMT-D allows you to enter the profile of your truck and then the satnav will only route you along suitable roads for your vehicle.

Furthermore Easy Route Shaping feature enables you to choose preferred roads and cities to include in your route.

Active Lane Guidance provides voice prompts and brightly coloured arrows to tell you which lane you should be in at each junction.

You can program in 30 multi-stops along each journey. These features make it easy for delivery drivers to find multiple locations whilst taking the shortest, most economical route.

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