Updating futuristic architecture disneys new house of the future

Rumors are that the Electric Umbrella quick service restaurant, which hasn’t changed much aesthetically in two decades, will be downsized and given a completely new menu.While the food here may not be the best, I have to at least give them credit for attempting to offer some more healthy options in recent years.We know he’s promised the changes will make the park “more Disney, timeless, relevant, family-friendly” while also keeping the original vision alive.Rumors have the budget for this park-wide update to be 0-400 million (of the .5 billion for updates across Walt Disney World,) with a large part going towards Future World in particular.Something akin to the courtyard you see as soon as you enter Main Street, USA at the Magic Kingdom, which is always filled with characters and queues for your photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle. No offense to the many folks that paid for their face, or the memory of a loved one’s face, on the stones in this courtyard, but it starts your day off a somewhat dreary note and this area could use a little livening up!The center of Future World, or Communi Core as it was originally called, may be in the most dire need of an update of everything in Epcot.I don’t mind a pin trading station, but I’m tired of the art-deco style awnings that surround it.

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Putting aside Innoventions for a moment (what’s left of it,) some of the things you’ll find in the central hub courtyard are the Pin Trading Station, Fountain of Nations, a gift shop, a terrible restaurant, a Starbucks, and free sodas from around the world. The Fountain of Nations is probably the only thing in the hub that is completely safe.Wiring and plumbing need to be replaced in some of the buildings, in some cases having not been updated since the park opened in 1982.All of the central hub buildings did get a new coat of paint on their exteriors a couple years ago, although I’m not sure it could be called an improvement.It’s so large there are directory maps around every corner.Rumors are this store is going to be entirely replaced with a new gift shop.Perhaps they could be relocated to a hotel courtyard, (or at least off the side of Epcot’s entrance and not directly in front of Spaceship Earth.) Some of these stones weigh more than 50,000 pounds, making moving them not too easy a task.

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