Updating escd building dmi pool

All of these things may be possible to work around but it would be really helpful to have access to the BIOS. It has console redirect but the default is disabled. I can't actually modify the bios settings as they are stored in CMOS but I can set the defaults to enabled re-flash my modified bios and clear the cmos.

Unfortunately it doesn't have serial console bios access. Eventually I found a bios editor that could open it in some sense. However doing that may well brick my shiny red box! Steve Update: Corrected ethernet chip types Thanks Steve! I was really impressed with this box when I got it.

They can take the Pentium M, Dothan core, which can be as low as 5W!

Have to wait a year or two for those to start showing up.

All the more interesting because the memory is quite clearly labled 400MHz.

You'd think Watchguard would be fitting top quality memory.

A (short) malefemale ribbon cable would have been nice if you want to tap holes into the bottom of the chassis to keep everything tight, otherwise you're either laying the HDD at a slant and hoping your drive doesn't disconnect.

When booting to the HDD, I didn't have a problem, so there was no need for BIOS adjustment to boot from AD2. I blanked the CF and put it in for a little extra storage space in case I needed it. When you say you needed an adapter do you mean a 2.5" to 3.5" ATA cable?

So if your bios has had console redirect enabled I'd try that first. I took off the heatsink assembly, which seems massively engineered. :(" title="Angry" class="smiley" /A quick update: Just replaced the CPU with a Celeron 2GHz(SL6LC) I had spare.

Hi All, I've been lurking here for sometime so it's about time I gave something back.

I thought I'd setup a separate thread for the Watchguard X-Peak as I could only find passing references to it elsewhere. First off Watchguards X series came in two hardware variants: Core (X500, X700, X1000, X2500) and Peak (X5000, X6000 and X8000). Firstly, installing pf Sense on this hardware in incredibly easy.

pf Sense just hangs with timeouts if you enable it.

Initial access to pf Sense setup is via the front serial console. The network interfaces come up conveniently from left to right. The Peak hardware does not suffer from the packet loss / timeouts the Core hardware does as it's not using Realtek NICs. The LCD driver created for the Core hardware (search the forum) works perfectly. Inside the box The motherboard The board has a LOT of extra connectors and unpopulated pads. It's hard to say which pins are CN11,12 and 14.

In the meantime it may be possible to swap out the processor in the X fo something much cooler.

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