Updating basement Gente sex

Our paneling is fake – fairly smooth but not too glossy.

BASEMENT BEAUTY: By concealing the old and injecting a big dose of the new, this family room is no longer stuck in the ’70s and is ready for family adventures – of the indoor variety.

On the walls, I put up primer over the stucco (goodbye orange swirls!

) and painted the whole space in a cool tone of storm blue.

I am a big fan of changing a room just by painting it. Time to whip out my paint can to get rid of the wall-to-wall paneling and this ugly: Dudes, the finished portion of our basement has lots of weird stuff going on.

I think it started when I went away to summer camp for a week when I was a kid and then came home to a room my mom painted for me as a surprise. We’ve got holes in our ceiling from our whole-house electrical upgrade, old yucky vertical blinds that even donation centers refuse to accept, a mish-mash of kid and adult stuff, horrific beams, and of course, paneling on every wall.

I then clad the three sides of the old fireplace with gorgeous mahogany wood, and covered the mantel, hearth and surround in a heatproof material that looks like marble, but is much less expensive.

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So, I geared up to give the whole family a relaxing place to come home to after trotting around the globe.In the lounge zone I installed a giant, U-shaped sky-colored sectional that offers a perfect view of the television and fireplace.On the sectional I threw tons of solid and patterned pillows in shades of charcoal, beige, cream and gray.Reworking the space With the outmoded finishes taken care of, I got to work on the room’s style and functionality.Kim and Jay wanted the room to work on several levels.I put in a creamy fireside chair, a circle-infused area rug, a glass coffee table, and, for a little pizzazz, a stunning backlit display area for Kim’s photography that can be changed around when new pictures arrive.

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