Updating aol is for crap


how does one have service and stay within the borders of the good old usa. “progress used to be good, but now it has gone too far.” – by tedfirst..i am 81 years old and the brain does not work too well.that age so i am lost to start with..i recently changed to aol 9 security editionse and it has blocked some of my emails and i cannot get any response because i have not installed java.i can't find out how to install java..somebody out there please help me..i agree aol stinks by margie – by margiethe majority of the people that call tech centers for aol are people with 64mb of ram at 100% load and very little system resources, because they have so much spyware and viruses because all they do is sit in game rooms and play games with no firewall, and have no idea how to run a computer, i dont know how many times i asked “when did you last run your virus scan? and some of our tech support points to defrag the computer's hdd, and we check and the defrag states last time it was run, and it stated that it hadnt run in ___ days and i divided it out and it came out to 4years!

” and the member would almost always reply “i dont know, maybe about a month” and i do remember reading somewhere that there are like 100 to 200 new viruses created each month…. com'on now, stop blaming the most widely used software for your own computer problems, when some members think that they cant even have their computer on when they are talkin on the phone, theres tech support for windows and we dont hear people bitching about m$'s 150$ per hour tech calls now do we?

the new edition of the aol software includes other nice security features as well.

in addition to the anti-virus protection, aol 9.0 security edition includes aol spyware protection, simplified spam/spim (unsolicited instant messages) control, mcafee personal firewall express, alerts to notify users of unauthorized bank or credit card activity, pop-up controls, parental controls, and more.

this sounds odd, but the only reason i haven't left aol is because of my email address.the new aol upgrade is free to subscribers and can be downloaded from the aol website. america online has been losing subscribers like crazy, so the company needed a new marketing plan to not only attract new subscribers, but also plug the hole in the dam as well.i think the focus on security and the idea to offer anti-virus protection for free may be successful in achieving these goals.i was unaware–but not surprised–that the new security edition included a firewall.that really makes the new aol client software a nice and secure piece of software for users.sure go to netzero, its only 9.95$ per month but if you ever need tech support, its 39.95$ per incident!

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