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Time of Legends, up to publish 93 - Skill Masteries - Shadowguard - Eodon Spawn - New Eodon Quest Lines Bug Fixes - Horrific beast base wrestle damage is now 5-15 - Horrific beast will now casts spell within that spell focus school (which, turns out can only be necromancy) - Fight Mode.

Aggressor will now attack players/creatures that have had their pets/summons aggro on them (Cave Troll Fix) - Dungeon Shame Teleporters no longer block access - Unraveling now only gives 1 relic fragment.

Well it means we will have access to a plethora of newer framework features that are not available to us right now such as c#6, roslyn, async etc.

This will make it easier for us to develop cleaner code and faster too.

** Maintenance is completed, site should no longer crash regularly.

Cu Sidhes will have their damage increased (including those already in game).-Fixed issue with commodity deeds in ship hold -fixed fishing pole not equipping -fixed issue with armor/weapon hits dropping way too fast -fixed talisman superslayer display -champion spawn now has a default Spawn Radius as well as Spawn Mod -auction safe deeds are now blessed -fixed shadowguard crash -fixed eodontribesman crash -voidpool spawn will now spawn with no loot, added property for no loot in basecreature -Enchantress cameo super slayer -Myrmidex crash fix -Fixed shrink table limit and shrink items not showing up properly -removed collection extensions, used static methods instead -added High Seas Fish trophies -added dinos to hunstmaster hunt list -fixed cleanup brit instrument rewards -fixed Base Weapon On Hit durability decay (further research needed) -removed enable/disable auto insure for SA expansions -added refused trades context to playermobile, plus support -monsters will now aggro on player summons -gargoyle tinkers now sell basketweaving book -fixed tiger itemid -fixed tiger/dragon turtle hatchling exploit -added durability to blackthorn worn rewards -added durability to Vv V clothing rewards -added Termur Pv PWarn Gump (reference:xrunuo) - Updated slayer groups regarding shadowguard monsters - Fixed Shadowguard Boss Crash - Block now works as per EA buff bar - Paragon Chests now fill with new loot, if Enabled - Vv V participation is now character centric, as opposed to guild centric, ie guilds aren't Vv V, the individuals can choose to join or not.- Fixed Vv V crash - Fixed message when you try to use a passive mastery spell - Gargoyles morphed by barracoon will no longer Fly - Fixed Myrmidex Invasion Spawner - Added Chicken Coop/Incubator to Carpentry meny - Fixed runebeetle crash - added durability to spellbooks - added negative attributes to spellbooks - added negative attributes to Base Talisman...This data can contain sensitive data including session and cookie information.Cloudflare is used by a lot of very big websites out there.It will help make the process go as smooth as possible.

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