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These terrible wars originating in Europe, expanded to a world level, with WWII being on the greatest global scale yet seen by any criteria.

This 2017 report has happened at a time in the west, of a powerful resurgence of right-wing people and non-traditional parties, on a scale causing general alarm and some distress in these traditional bastions of freedom.

Ireland for its part, would like to take this opportunity to reunify the island of Ireland, if the north were agreeable and was looking for a way to remain in the EU.

These internal divisions have created an ongoing crisis for the UK and inevitably to some extent for Europe, being a deeply unwelcome development where no member state has previously left and some still remain in a queue to join.

Apart from such religiously motivated confrontations currently ongoing in Syria, Iraq and Yemen; similar confrontations exist in north, west and sub-equatorial Africa, Nigeria for example, with Boko Haram.

The process of refugees fleeing the seeming hopelessness of their situation in the western hemisphere has frequently homed in on the US for the Americas; and Europe for the mid-east and Africa.

The ultimate fear now in Europe is of an erosion of the Union; that the same populist currents that unexpectedly in the UK, tipped the closely fought referendum campaign, are now to a varying degree also to be found within the other 27 member states, all subject to similar challenges that emerged in the UKs recent referendum.

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