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He told his 35-year-old victim that he was a commanding officer in the Royal Marine Intelligence Corp, his family were wealthy and owned an import/export company at Southampton Docks and had inherited a property in Canford Cliffs.The victim and her mother were both 'smitten with him', the court heard.He had with him two i Phones, an i Pad, £550 cash and was wearing a fake ‘expensive’ wristwatch.

One of the women took out personal loans with Amigo and Loans2go both of whom, as a gesture of goodwill, have since written the debts off.Thanks to the students that populate the city there’s always events happening and plenty to see and do.If it’s a quaint seaside date your after or something with a bit more bang, Bournemouth will of course provide you with a perfect setting for your date.For the best experience of our jobs pages we recommend you use a browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8 or higher.If you use Internet Explorer 8 make sure compatibility mode is switched off.Browse the latest vacancies from teaching and social care to environment, IT, business support, and planning roles. Create a personal profile to pre-fill your details on every new application and save your job searches to get email alerts of jobs that may interest you.

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