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He said they had been living there for 30 years.‘He told me he had two older sons who were living in the UK.’Mr Amesh, 55, a bank clerk and another neighbour who identified himself only as Mohamed, told Mail Online Ramadan Abedi moved into the modest grey, concrete building less than six months ago with his wife Samia Tabbal, daughters Jomana 18, Wasal, 15 and youngest son Othman 9.

She would come to the house to chat and the children would play.The convicted terrorist and his family were granted asylum in Britain in 1995 and finding sanctuary in Manchester the families of Samia Abedi and Umm Abdul Rahman remained close.Accused of plotting the 1998 Al Qaeda bombings of the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya which slaughtered 224 and injured hundreds of other, the FBI put a £20 million bounty on Abu Anas Al-Libi’s head.They have been living in that house for only four or five months.‘The older sons would come to Libya for about one month and then return to the UK.‘I saw Salman [Abedi] once.Ramadan presented his two [older sons] to me one day – Salman and Hashem.And he returns their good will by killing innocent women and children.‘And he is a traitor to Libya because now all the world thinks Libyan people and Muslims are bad, are terrorists.

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