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did not get the worldwide acclaim that he deserved during his lifetime; possibly because his prime occurred in the middle of the Cold War.Also his fame was subsumed within the fame of the Alexandrov Ensemble itself, when perhaps he would have gained greater personal fame had he pursued his natural course in the international opera circuit.He is remembered in the Soviet Union as the Russian Nightingale He fought in Czechoslovakia and served as a Lance Corporal in the first Red Orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov division of the Carpathian Military District of the 4th Ukrainian Front under the command of General-Colonel Andrei Yeremenko.

"The Cruiser Aurora": "What do you dream of, cruiser Aurora, in the hour when the morning comes on the Neva? Ruslanov: no data Unselfish Soul (undated) (composer A. Lisyansky): no data We Went Out Into the Garden (undated) (composer M. Butt): no data The Book Motherland (undated) (composer Boris Alexandrov ; lyrics N.A good example of this is the "Bryansky Partisan Song" with its Eastern Orthodox Church music tonality and harmony, which has the effect of somehow making the Ensemble sound like a choir of thousands, evoking perhaps the size of the USSR, the history which created its peoples, and pride in the Soviet partisans. Bulakhov): no data I Took You into the Tundra (undated) (composer M. Belyaev sings the secondary harmony in a duet with Alexei T. Titova 1975): no data Where Are You Now, Friends (undated) (composer V. Fatyanov 1947): no data And Again I am In Line (undated) (composer B. Bencken 1960): no data Favourite, Remember Us (undated) (composer Boris Alexandrov ; lyrics N. Fatyanov 1970): no data Bryansky Partisan Song (undated) (composer D. Bogoroditsky; lyrics Ya Repninsky): no data "Kalinka" (1956; 1963; 1978; 1992). Its predecessor was founded in 1802 by Alexander I in Imperial Russia. The current Minister of Internal Affairs is General of Police Vladimir Kolokoltsev, who was the Moscow Police Commissioner between 20."Kalinka" is a trivial song about a fruit tree, but it lends itself perfectly to this kind of operatic showing-off.

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