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It's different than other forms of music as it doesn't have to have words and can be made right at a computer.

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Nonetheless, she does eventually learn her lesson – usually the hard way.

In a few episodes from season two, she was shown to love horseback riding, dreaming of having her own horse and practicing karate. has a Pillow Person that she's attached to; unlike Mr. J.'s Pillow Person is still seen until the series ends. In the latter, the Honeybee legend, "Queen Bee", and alum was announced that she had sold a record 725 honey jars (a record which still holds to this day, as alluded to by honorary "Queen Bee" Joey).

In the episode "Star Search" (season 3), as she and Stephanie surprise Michelle with a tiara and tutu in the opening teaser, it is mentioned that she did ballet when she was younger (though it is not mentioned when she did it). She told Stephanie's troop at their meeting at the Tanner house that selling raffle tickets for a new color TV is easy, but selling honey jars for any prize, including a brand new bike that immediately excites Stephanie, requires the girls to work a lot harder.

Stephanie quite often gets on her nerves with her snooping, and this trend continues throughout the series (although Stephanie and D. Even after Stephanie confesses that the girls who do have mothers were happy and she wasn't and wonders why she couldn't be happy like them (as she was the only girl in her troop to not have a mother), D. also explains that when she attended the sleepover with Pam, she looked at those girls who did have a mother at that time and felt the same way Stephanie does for those who didn't.

When Stephanie asks how she can make the feeling go away, D. explains that it's hard, but something that helps her cope with Pam's death is that she realizes that Stephanie is special in the same way she is, in that they have something the other girls don't have; namely Danny, Joey, and Jesse, and more importantly, each other. is shown handling many tough situations with general ease. gets very mad about the limits her father places on her; usually, and in many episodes, she ignores these limits. dates Viper, a member from her uncle's band, Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets. dating Viper; Jesse kicks Viper out of the band for a brief time after hearing the news.

She also tried out for the cheerleading squad for Van Atta Junior High, but did not make it (see below for PSA link).

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