Spitemeventreceiver itemupdating example

Add more of such lines as appropriate for all the event receiver types you want to add.

You will notice that the Assembly namespace is not recognized until you add a using statement for System.

When binding Share Point event receivers to lists and libraries, the generic method involves using the List Template Id element.

The problem with this method is that it adds the event receiver to all lists with a matching List Template Id.

If you want to add more events to be captured, select the event receiver from the solution explorer and look at the properties window.

Here you will see options to enable or disable events that have to be captured.

We will however keep the event receiver as part of the assembly because we will use it programmatically later. In the “Items in the feature” list, select the event receiver and click on the back arrow ( event receiver.

You will be asked to select the type of event receiver. The value you select here doesn’t matter because we will bypass/override it using code.Throw out your lame golden chalice and drink like a mighty warlord with the viking drinking horn.This epic 24 ounce beverage holder is shaped like the tusk of an elephant, and is rumored to emanate the shouts of fallen vikings if you hold the drinking horn up to your ear.Reflection: Copy the value of the “Class” xml element and use it as the last parameter of the Event Receivers. The KWiz Com team, led by its VP R&D Shai Petel, utilizes its experience and knowledge to give a unique insight on Microsoft's Share Point platform - the leading business collaboration platform.But you would need to manually activate the Web scoped feature for every site that has the list you’re targeting. Specify the site where you want the feature to be activated.

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