Souljaboy is dating rosa acosta


Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.For the Oakland native, she is very happy and is proud to be in an “openly queer relationship.” When asked about the importance of sharing her love on Instagram, the singer told Hip Hollywood at the annual awards show, “life is just too short.It’s too short to have these weird rules about censoring love and not showing it.” She added, “People need to be it’s ok, be gay and loud.” Just last week, the signer shared this sweet image of she and her “punpkin” on Instagram, expressing her love.Singer Brooke Valentine, who is best known for 2004 hit single,, has also joined the cast alongside her boyfriend Marcus Black.The show will also see the return of Hazel E, who will appear with her 25-year-old boyfriend Rose Burgundy.So, whether you need them to react to someone or because you're too lazy to type out how you really feel, here are 40 GIFs Every Hip-Hop Fan Should Know. Along with returning cast members Ray J, Princess Love, Fizz, Teairra Mari and Nikki Baby – just to name a few, it has been revealed that singer-songwriter Keyshia Cole has officially joined the cast: , has also signed on for the show’s fourth season, as she shows her fans how hard she works as she’s trying to make her claim as the best hip-hop female artist.

Citing a “close friend” of the rapper, Media Takeout posted yesterday that a close friend of Soulja Boy claims the pair are engaged.

“I always think of how showing off love as an artist takes the mystery away… or just plain makes both parties vulnerable and open,” she wrote.

The 22-year-old continued, “BUT, then eye think about how short life is and that every chance you get to scream your love (of any kind) into the universe, you should take… If you got something special, don’t dim the light because you’re afraid of how bright it will truly shine.

Although you're probably inundated with GIFs already, there are some GIFs that, as a hip-hop fan, it's your responsibility to know and have saved on your computer or phone to use in email and text message chains.

And if you already know about them, be sure to favorite this post because soon enough you'll be looking for that perfect Jay Z GIF but won't want to search more than five seconds for it.

That isn’t the only surprising relationships taking place as it has also been revealed that Teairra Marie is dating26 year-old Teonny Spears, is from a small town in Louisiana called Ferriday, where he currently lives.

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