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Confidential Employees may be required to fully disclose details of an incident in order to ensure campus safety.Privileged Employees: Individuals employed by the institution to whom a complainant or alleged victim may talk in confidence, as provided by law.Admission, discipline, promotion, graduation, and formulation of all rules and regulations pertaining to students of University System of Georgia institutions are matters to be handled by the institutions within the framework of policies and regulations issued by the Board of Regents. Such programs will promote positive and healthy behaviors and educate the campus community on consent, sexual assault, alcohol use, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, bystander intervention, and reporting.Students failing to comply with Board of Regents’ or institution rules, regulations, or directives may face disciplinary actions. Students are encouraged to vote in all federal, state and local elections. It is also a “recipient” of “federal financial assistance” within the meaning of Section 504, 29 U. When sexual misconduct does occur, all members of the USG community are strongly encouraged to report it promptly through the procedures outlined in this Policy.Whether someone is incapacitated is to be judged from the perspective of an objectively reasonable person.Nonconsensual Sexual Contact: Any physical contact with another person of a sexual nature without the person’s consent.Disclosure to these employees will not automatically trigger an investigation against the complainant’s or alleged victim’s wishes.Privileged Employees include those providing counseling, advocacy, health, mental health, or sexual-assault related services (e.g., sexual assault resource centers, campus health centers, pastoral counselors, and campus mental health centers) or as otherwise provided by applicable law.

Past consent does not imply present or future consent.Consent cannot be gained by force, intimidation or coercion; by ignoring or acting in spite of objections of another; or by taking advantage of the incapacitation of another where the respondent knows or reasonably should have known of such incapacitation.Minors under the age of 16 cannot legally consent under Georgia law. In order to reduce incidents of sexual misconduct, USG institutions are required to provide prevention tools and to conduct ongoing awareness and prevention programming and training for the campus community. To that end, this Policy prohibits sexual misconduct, as defined herein.Responsible Employees: Those employees who must promptly and fully report complaints of or information regarding sexual misconduct to the Coordinator.

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