Serena williams coach dating

I cant blame the sister, after all the black dudes have finish licking all her honey and sugar she has settled to give the remnant to her innocent french coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, who is her Tennis coach and also her bad holder. Is it not better for her to have a man than for her to have many dogs?

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Serena Williams and Drake dating rumors are going strong despite the fact that some of her fans still believe that she is involved with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou.We are told Serena is working hard to keep her mind solely on tennis, and her team doesn’t want Drake being a distraction from her winning at Flushing Meadows. Serena has also been recently linked to her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, who has helped her to huge success, but the sources say they are also no longer romantically involved.Following her split from Drake in 2011, the tennis player had said, “I do make mistakes — like every human does.Before things went sour at the US Open 2015, Serena's relationship with coach Patrick Mouratoglou wasn't so bad.She even posted a video of herself making fun of her long rumored boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou on Instagram.“Serena is single at the moment and is focused on winning the US Open, and making history.” Serena, 33, the most dominant player in the history of women’s tennis enters next week’s US Open on a high note after winning her fifth title of the year and the 69th of her career.

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