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Max = 100 'get tag# and check for blank tagfind = Userform1. Value If tagfind = "" Then Msg Box ("You did not enter a TAG Number.") Exit Sub Else 'effort to stop screen flicker Debug.

Controls Select Case Type Name(onecontrol) Case "Check Box" End Select Next onecontrol Userform1.

I have a command button on Userform1 that calls the procedure below. I have placed the Screen Updating command all throughout (Overkill Im sure) and debugged it and the immediate window always shows it set to False. The procedure calls a function "Is Numeric" and I have put the Screen Updating False at the beginning and True at the end of the function. Sub importtag() Dim filename As String Dim path As String Dim ibasemodel As String Dim Ser Num As String Dim Tag Num As String Dim IBasenum As String Dim Cust Name As String Dim Address1 As String Dim Address2 As String Dim Address3 As String Dim Partnernum As String Dim mfgdate As String Dim District As String Dim Zip Code As String Dim Zipcodeplus As String Dim lastrow As Long Dim Options As Variant Dim Quantity As Variant Dim i As Long Dim location As String Dim location1 As String Dim location2 As String Dim State As String Dim onecontrol As Object Dim percentadj As String Dim tagfind As String Dim lastrow1 As Long Dim c As Range Dim tryagain As String Dim wbook As Workbook Dim rng As Range Dim rng1 As Range Dim loc1 As String 'calc to manual to try and stop screen flashing Application.

About 2/3 of the way through the macro, the userform1 disappears, another worksheet pops up and then at the end of the procedure userform1 reappears with all text box's, combo box's complete and everything looks good.

Value = vb Null String For Each onecontrol In User Form3.

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The following macro hides the arrows for fields 1, 3 and 4 -- Case 1, 3, 4 You can change the field numbers in the first Case statement, to hide different arrows. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Show ALLArrows() 'shows all arrows in headng row Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer Dim rng As Range Set rng = Active Sheet. Sub Show Arrows Except One() 'shows all arrows except ' in specified field number Dim c As Range Dim rng As Range Dim i As Long Dim i Hide As Long Set rng = Active Sheet. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Copy Filter() 'by Tom Ogilvy Dim rng As Range Dim rng2 As Range With Active Sheet.

It turns on the Auto Filter, if one is not in place. Protect Password:="password", _ Contents:=True, User Interface Only:=True End With End Sub Sub Count Vis Rows() 'by Tom Ogilvy Dim rng As Range Set rng = Active Sheet. The zipped file is in xlsm format, and contains macros.

This Workbook_Open macro checks for an Auto Filter on the sheet named Data. Sub Count Sheet Auto Filters() Dim i ARM As Long 'counts all worksheet autofilters 'even if all arrows are hidden If Active Sheet. Print "Auto Filter Mode: " & i ARM End Sub To see all the macros from this page, download the Auto Filter Worksheet Macros workbook.

Forgive me if this is elsewhere but I've searched for several hours with no luck.

What I'd like to do is this: If Cell F1 contains the word "Yes", I would like the content from cells A1: E1 to be copied and pasted into cells H1: L1.

NOTE: Use the Field number, NOT the worksheet column number.

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