Scrape dating profiles


Some of it like bios, photos, age, gender, sexual orientation is easily accessible through basic Google (goog) searches.Answers to some 2,600 of the service’s most popular dating survey questions are restricted to people who are logged into the site and who have answered the same questions.Images of Tinder users "were swept up in a massive grab of some 40,000 photos from the dating app by a dataset collector who plans to use the selfies in artificial intelligence training," writes Slashdot reader Frosty Piss, sharing this summary of a report in Tech Crunch.Tinder said in a statement that the photo sweeper "violated the terms of our service" and "we are taking appropriate action and investigating further." The creator of the data set, Stuart Colianni, has released it under a CC0: Public Domain License and also uploaded his scraper script to Git Hub.With your free project and the help of our dedicated support staff, you will be able to start creating your own projects in no time.Content Grabber is tailored to corporations who need improved performance and reliability along with management facilities for easily monitoring multiple web scraping agents.Some commenters have argued that the researchers breached research ethics by failing to obtain the consent of the Ok Cupid users, too, before gathering and republishing their information.They cite, among other things, “code of conduct” guidelines by the American Psychological Association.

“However, all the data found in the dataset are or were already publicly available, so releasing this dataset merely presents it in a more useful form.” Online commenters, Ok Cupid users, the site’s operators, and academics attacked (and, in some cases, threatened) the researchers for making user information public.

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The site’s users can also set certain answers to “private,” which makes the responses inaccessible to others.

In this case, the researchers scraped and presented the data accessible through Google and Q&A responses from individual profiles.

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