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The first Adam interiors at Hatchlands (1758–61), Surrey, and Shardeloes (1759–61), Buckinghamshire, were still near-Palladian, but by 1761 his mature style was developing.

Commissions from this time include Harewood House, Yorkshire; Croome Court, Worcestershire; Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire; Bowood House, Wiltshire; and Osterley Park, Middlesex (now in Hounslow, London).

By the early 1760s he had many domestic commissions; almost without exception these consisted of the completion or redecoration of earlier houses.

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In the Royal Society of Arts building (1772–74), for instance, Adam placed Ionic capitals below a Doric triglyph frieze, a liberty a Palladian would never have dared take.In the succeeding few years both benefited from the lucrative contracts that resulted from the appointment.Besides building Fort George in the In 1754 Robert Adam, who by then considered himself to be worth £5,000, was invited to accompany the Honourable Charles Hope, the earl of Hopetoun’s younger brother, to Italy.Arriving at the end of the month, they were immediately caught up in the social whirl for which Adam had hoped.While in Florence, Adam met a man who was to have an important professional influence upon him.He thus had the opportunity to realize the dream he had been saving for since his father’s death, and, just as important, he had the social advantages of traveling with the brother of an earl.

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