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About an hour after sunrise, my tentative hand-keyed 'CQ' was answered by Steve, NĂ˜TU in Colorado!!

Steve had been enjoying his morning coffee while the quiet hiss of 7040 in the background was broken with my very weak 'CQ'.

We had a good solid QSO and after it was over, I realized that the little Tin had a lot more potential than I had realized.

It seemed to me that if my little signal could skip all the way to Colorado in August, then it should go a LOT further during the winter DX season ... It was at that point that I decided to give it a try.

Given the time of day and the mid-summer propagation, I really didn't have high hopes but I was immediately answered by KJ7AN in Dallas, Oregon who gave me a 579 report!

Over the next three days I worked several more stations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and even California.

At some point in the intervening years, the little Tin's final amplifier, the ubiquitous 2N2222, went south.The previous version of the video was prematurely cut short by just over three minutes. I also remove some of the low-end rumblings from the vehicle. Escaping the summer heat a few months later, I put it together over one weekend in July.This version should sound a little bit less annoying. As it turned out, it was probably the best I ever spent on my hobby.I carefully placed the little transistor in a piece of anti-static foam, not that it needed protection, but as a keepsake and a reminder of its noble past.Possibly I would mount it on a nice hardwood base in the future.Earlier this year I noticed, when cleaning the shack, that the little black keepsake could not be located ...

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