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It’s a great book, an engaging and enjoyable read, and one that just might make you learn something!Big TVs are getting cheaper all the time, but 100 inches still costs a bundle unless you want to muck around with a projector, a screen and a dark room.In a dark room, this lift is evident and welcome, however if you hope to combat ambient light you may be disappointed.I don't think even its Bright Cinema/Bright TV settings are really good enough to rival cheaper ultra-bright compacts. Of course, where the VPL-HW45 really does shine is in its video performance.

I was endlessly fascinated by his performance as Tom Haverford in His stand-up is sharp, smart, and truly contemporary in a way that I have not seen anyone else pull off – Ansari speaks for the social media generation, those of us for whom the internet has simply been a fact of life. Ansari’s authorial voice is clear and present throughout .Sony has a couple of solutions for rich buyers who want a TV that big.One is the XBR-100Z9D, a 100-inch It's not exactly a TV, but it comes close enough.Sony's latest bright box has been given a brightness and contrast upgrade, as well as a lamp update.Lamp life is now quoted at 6000 hours in Eco mode, which is significantly better than many rivals, who tend to quote 3000 - 4000 hours usage.Our sample was a gloss white, but there's a black edition if that's a better fit for your theatre.

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