Raymond lam tavia yeung dating


Linda Chung, who has always attracted numerous male artistes, previously rejected playboy Raymond Lam and "lady killer" Ron Ng’s good intentions, and decided to invest her love in herself, and no other.

Linda has always maintained an innocent and young image, and on the 10th of May, she was found to have dumped rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng, going out with a "new boyfriend" (Mr. Unexpectedly, they were caught red-handed, and shocked until they could not even eat their meal, and ran off quickly.

We intended to eat a meal together, but now we can’t!

” Linda and her "boyfriend", not even daring to eat dinner together, parted ways at last; Linda took a cab back to her flat in Tseung Kwan O, and her "boyfriend" drove back to his mid-level apartment in West Lyttelton Road in Hong Kong Island. Being unable to shake off reporters, Linda had no choice but to get off the car first, diverting attention away from reporters, letting her boyfriend leave the place first, going back to his apartment in the Western Mid-Levels.

In order to pursue Linda, Raymond sent many SMSes to her, and drove her around, picking her up from work in his Benz.

When Ron Ng filmed [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] with Linda last year, it was rumoured that Ron Ng pried hard at Linda, and the 2 of them were caught having a good time together at Kowloon City Grill, and were taking pictures together in an intimate manner.

Upon being chased by reporters looking totake pictures, Linda and her boyfriend immediately turn their heads, avoiding the cameras.

Recently there was a crying scene in [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] that once again caused the drama to increase rapidly inpopularity points, and Linda Chung, who is seen as this year’s new TV Queen,recently started a new relationship.

Someone close to Linda said “TVB never saw any good coming out of Linda going out with Philip, and they felt that there was too much standing in between the two of them.

In [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir], her crying scene shook the entire city,and Linda was proclaimed ‘TV Queen’ and popular favourite.

Raymond and Linda were lovers in [Heart of Greed], and it was rumoured that the two of them were acting out their real situation.

”Premium Fadan Linda Chung, 27 years old, having fewer experiences of dating than other female artistes, has an appearance more innocent and purer than distilled water and was always the entertainment industry’s male’s “Good Food”, apart from Philip Ng, it is rumoured that Raymond Lam and Ron Ng also fell out because they were fighting over her.

Having a pure and innocent outward appearance, but a great body figure, Linda is a “Gordon” female artiste and a goddess in the eyes of many small actors.

In April this year, the present of a branded watch Linda exposed to be from someone of the opposite sex was from this verynew boyfriend.

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