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Today, I'm going to tell you about an incredible experience I had with one of our best best friend at that... We called him Swift because he was very fast and he looked amazing when he galloped in the wind with his mane flying everywhere...he's gorgeous,has a brown fur,and has huge blue eyes.

I was alone in the barn and had finished cleaning out all the stalls except for Swift's. I took off all my clothes,folded them neatly and put them in the tack room.

Not wanting to scare the poor horse, I let him have his way and opened my mouth letting the piss poor in.

He humped in and out,humping and pissing at the same time amazingly. I went over to his ass and lifted the tail to see that butt hole was in need of cleaning.I sighed and took my horse shit covered penis out of his ass. As if he had grown ten times smarter, he suddenly put his hoof to my mouth knocking me backwards.He forced me to lick the bottom of it clean which I started doing.But I held back and enjoyed the moment for as long as possible.The horse continued his swift motions of licking up and down my shaft and balls coating me with his saliva until I couldn't take it anymore and cummed! This seemed to give Swift some sort of message because the next thing he did was put this way,it was hot all of a sudden.When I was done, he locked lips with me and I sighed in content as we engaged in a long passionate kiss.

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