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Even amidst such an infernal setting there was an incident of hope and survival: on 15 April 1944, a group of prisoners from the “burner brigade”, made up of Jews and POWs, managed to escape through a 30m (100 foot) tunnel that they had dug from their “bunker” pit over the preceding months.

The main cluster of memorials , however, lies to the left, inside the forest.

At the far end is the original first monument erected by the Soviets as early as 1948.

They were intended to house fuel storage tanks, but these were never installed.

Wave after wave of deported victims were forced to undress and line up in batches by the pits where they would be shot and covered with a layer of sand before the next batch came to the pits.

A site of mass murder just outside Vilnius – in fact this is probably the darkest WWII and Holocaust-related site in the whole Baltic region: as many as 100,000 people, primarily Jews, but also Poles and Soviet POWs, were executed here from mid-1941 to 1944 by the Nazis (and their collaborators) during the occupation of Lithuania by Germany.

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