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She escapes by knocking Kelly out with the bathroom door.She finds the diamonds by going back to where she was attacked, and leaves a message informing Jo about them.When the fake Brett comes, she knocks him out and erases the footage and proceeds to take photos of his genitals as revenge but he escapes and chases her down the street where she is rescued by a black woman and her family, who do not take kindly to Brett's racist comments.Cassandra forces her way into an impromptu audition with Jago Larofsky and wins a place at his school.Jo, Cassandra and Kerrys appear to threaten Shannon into handing the diamonds over.

The story focuses on four 19-year-old friends: Joanne, Cassandra, Shannon and Kerrys.

After making amends with her father, she steals Manuel's new car to find Shannon and stuffs him into the trunk, but when he tries to attack her, she crashes the car into Jo's shop.

Fourth, Jo, who works at a 24-hour supermarket with Angelo, finds that her new manager Tee is in town, and begins to become suspicious of his intentions.

After getting drunk at a bar, she goes to a tunnel where she sprays graffiti on the wall, is attacked by a gang and then taken in by Kelly, who saved her.

Shannon realizes that Kelly seems to be looking for the Pringles.

This is later confirmed when she finds out that she is searching for "15 diamonds".

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