Oral fetish dating sit

Also, I figured that if I continued to drive this fetish back underground, it would probably find other unhealthy ways of festering itself and true to form, this is exactly what happened - he ended up recruiting a married woman to entertain these sick and sworded acts behind my back whilst I was none the wiser.

This woman was emotionally vulnerable at the time and he ended up pushing her over the edge - she ended up in a psychological ward with a shattered husband and two young children - essentially a broken home.

Unfortunately, any fetish is brain wired and very resistant to change.

I recommend that you expand your knowledge on the topic before you make any hasty decisions.

-He got a kick out of masturbating in front of me and would suggest that I allow him to wear my underwear.

I would try to diffuse the conversation quickly as fundamentally this did not agree with my value system..

A few more months went on and I became increasingly restless - I found myself overwhelmed with feelings of confusion and despair.

A year ago I broke up with a man who had a deep rooted fantasy to cuckhold - a fetish completely foreign to me prior to meeting him.

When I met him almost four years ago, he seemed like the perfect man - he was charming, considerate, intelligent and a well respected businessman. However, I was warned upfront on numerous occasions by his ex that he had some "unhealthy" fetishes which would eventually reveal themselves over time - when I confronted him about what I had learnt from his ex, he showed no courage of his convictions and was adamant that it was not so much an addiction but rather a passing curiosity which he had put firmly behind him.

I doubt anyone will ever come closer to the answer than in this document... Reply to Anon If you man has a sexual addiction, especially porn and ultimately masterbation...

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