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airforcevet April 1, 2017 am (Pacific time)Welcome Home, Viet-Nam Veterans. And Biloxi is another story, from what the base personnel told us 'Pingers' when first arriving. I arrived, (PCS to Travis), 1610hrs wearing my Military Uniform (flight discount).

As I was walking through the port, I saw all sorts of people.

I suggest you watch Jane FOnda's verbal attacks on the statements of returning POWs. THEN just before I went home on leave we killed and NVA Medic.

"Doc" went through his bag to see what he was carrying.

There was no indication to expect this, no lines of people chanting or any sign of this premeditated action.

I am not saying or pointing to any stereo type or group of people, but, this person passing by me did expedite such actions to a Military Dressed Personnel in the air port.

We were told it would be to our benefit to wear civilian clothes when we left the base.

It happened to me and six other veterans, all in a passage way leading into the Honolulu Airport.

The six of us, all combat veterans from Oklahoma were met by a number of 'hippies'.

He came back to my squad's position and talked about how the drugs he was carrying may have been sent over to the communists by the war protestors.

Then this "person" wants me to believe that the war protestors held no animosity.

JD Vietnam Combat Vet October 9, 2016 am (Pacific time)It's easy for someone to sit back and give their dogmatic opinions of what happened, generalize and then call it true.

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