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It sounds like it could be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can sign up for these programs for free at Student

Here are the student loan repayment plans that qualify for student loan forgiveness: The Income Based Repayment Plan (IBR) is one of the most common repayment plans borrowers switch to if they are having financial hardship.

If you have loans from July 1, 2014, you payment will not be higher than 15% of your discretionary income.

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This program is also sometimes referred to as Obama Student Loan Forgiveness.Under this plan, your payments will be the lesser of the following: With the ICR plan, your loans will be forgiven at the end of 25 years.It's important to note that with this plan, your payments could end up being higher than the standard 10 year repayment plan.Check out the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Training.It's important to note that while these “secret” student loan forgiveness options could be helpful to some borrowers, for others they may result in tax consequences (see taxes and student loan forgiveness).has a great calculator that can help determine the amount.

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