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Contact your state's department of Deaf services (whatever title) and ask about programs for the Deaf.

I was wondering if there was a way that I could find people to talk to so I can get better at signing. One idea that I've found quite helpful for locating Deaf people is to google the name of your city and the word "Deaf" and then click "search." You can also type the name of your state and the word "Deaf" and see what you get. Bill When you meet someone in the Deaf community you are going to want to tell him your connection. If you don't have a Deaf uncle, perhaps you have a Deaf friend? Then mention the fact that your teacher is Deaf (if he or she is Deaf). In a message dated 1/24/2004 AM Pacific Standard Time, Amanda Luther writes: On Friday, January 16th, I went to the Borders Book Store in Folsom, to meet and chat with a Deaf group.

Answer: Go to where they are and introduce your self. ) Which brings up other questions: Where can I find Deaf people?

If you are taking an in-person, local ASL class, your instructor should be able to tell you where Deaf people hang out.

Chances are someone is going to point blank ask you "Are you Deaf? By that I mean..would a Deaf person want to spend his time talking to a hearing person when there are so many Deaf people around that went to Deaf Schools, are tied into the Deaf community, and are facing the same issues he is. After an hour I settled down and relaxed and realized I was among kind and patient people. Both were late deafened, and so interpreted what others said (not always - only when I asked, which was great). She also said sometimes they sit on the other wall but lately the music has been really loud and that interferes with the hearing impairs ability to hear what is being said.

" Don't feel bad when upon learning that you are not Deaf, he chooses to wander off and find a Deaf person to strike up a conversation with. If you want respect from the Deaf community you are going to need to earn it. They signed and talked to me at the same time so I could begin to see how they were signing the signs I already know. The way sign's meld into each other, and are so understated... He patiently re-spelled some words three times until I finally got them. Some people were buying muffins and coffee and one girl named Angela came with a pizza. Her friend signed little-devil and I knew that sign and understood what they were saying.

I told her no but I was interested in learning because I babysat for a Deaf boy who is 5 years old.

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