My ex husband is dating help the box super data updating

Plus, sometimes there’s nothing more cathartic than a good old cry.

Your failed relationship is not worth you giving up on life and love.

And I'll advise you to move ahead and look for a relationship which can make you happy and content.

Also you can start with individual counseling sessions for yourself, which will help you regain your confidence.

Now, I don't know how to deal with this as they both are also interested in getting married.

Past is past, whether it was a collection of bad memories or the happiest ones, you cannot change it.During the course of separation, it is highly possible that somewhere she was playing a counselor for your husband too, which might have led to some spark between them.But it shouldn't affect you in any way as you have already separated from him, and if both of them feel happy with each other and want to get married, it's your turn to show support.So, maybe wait a while before getting ‘Life’s a Bitch’ inked on your thigh.We know; you’ve spent months or even years knowing almost every detail of your partner’s life and now, nothing. But whatever you do, try to resist the temptation to keep a foothold in their life by checking up on them.The same applies to piercings and especially to tattoos.

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