Moroccan woman dating safi pregnancy if not married but dating


For general guidance you should keep your upper arms to the elbow and upper legs to the knee covered.In addition, tops should not finish above the waistline of your trousers and expose your mid-riff and your neckline should not extend down more than a few inches.One thing that sometimes takes a bit of getting used to is the local Moroccan interpretation of time.In common with many places in Africa, it is not considered unusual for things to run on a fairly relaxed schedule.In this case, it is appropriate to acknowledge them but they may become uncomfortable if you attempt to engage them in too direct or open a manner.All persons should dress 'modestly', this is especially true of female visitors.

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In Marrakech you may see young Moroccan women in very western outfits with uncovered hair and riding mopeds.Try to conduct yourselves in a generally calm and reasonably quiet manner.As a guide simply observe the local Moroccans around you and try not to be significantly louder or more boistrous than them.If at any point you are unsure of what might be expected of you, just look around at what others are doing or simply ask.Morocco is mainly Muslim in its religious observation and as such many of its customs stem from Islamic beliefs.Moroccans who are good friends are likely to kiss each cheek and may have a more lingering handshake.

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