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Our goal was to build this understanding through the lens of research—exploring shifting paradigms born of methodological advancements.

In developing this narrative, we had to make painful decisions about what exactly to cover, how far back to go, and how best to organize this manuscript.

The Internet, and specifically mobile technology, is an environment gay and bisexual men are using for sexual purposes.

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In this paper, we attempt to document the historical and cultural shifts in how gay and bisexual men have used the Internet for sexuality.

So much so, that this topic has received independent focus in an array of sources, including the 2013 issue of the (Minichiello, Scott, & Callander, 2013).

Finally, in this manuscript, we refer heavily to gay and bisexual men (meaning men who have adopted an identity as gay or bisexual).

Meanwhile, the rapid and recent transitions to mobile platforms as a means to access the Internet distinguish Internet use in recent years (and thus more contemporary online scientific inquiry) from those of the previous decade.

To the best of our ability, we have attempted to capture the essence of Internet use by gay and bisexual men and online research among this particular group of users during each of those time periods.

To some extent, readers may notice repetition of themes (e.g., over each time point more and more gay and bisexual men are utilizing the Internet for sexual purposes).

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