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The Badgers had eight steals, the most that they've had in the last five games, and it translated to a 11-9 advantage in points off turnovers.

They've had more than eight steals once in the last 13 games (10 in overtime at Nebraska). That's what Jordan Bohannon is answering to in Iowa City.

I think that they're starting to make their run like they usually do come this time of the year." , who played 14 minutes, had five points, three rebounds, and one assist in Wisconsin's 84-74 loss to the Spartans.

"It would have definitely been an even better feeling if we had won," he said of his first visit to Breslin as a player.

"I literally landed (in the States) less than 24 hours ago, and I'm tired — I was ready to fall asleep during the game — but it was fun and I'm just happy that I got to see him play," Trice Jr. "I just liked how composed he is, how poised he is.

They're very physical and those guys have experience down on the block. The way they moved Hayes around, it was hard to double. "He knows who he is," UW assistant said of Baby-Bo, "and he plays to that." Bohannon, a 23-game starter, has the second most 3s on the team behind senior Peter Jok, the Big Ten's leading scorer (20.6 points).

Historian Richard Schwartz tells us about the trailblazing Jewish actor M.

Standing not far from the Wisconsin locker room, Travis Trice Jr.

Angie Holan from Politi joins Insight with fact-checks on the Joe Arpaio pardon and disaster memes.

Pet expert Gina Spadafori talks about how animals cope with change.

At this point in the semester, senioritis is becoming a widespread pandemic and is affecting the well-being of college seniors who are about to graduate.

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