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“It’s really amazing,” Grant Knoche expressed in a recent interview with AXS. In closing, AXS asked Grant what was his favorite part about being in KIDZ BOP.“When we go up on stage and we look out into the crowd, it looks like it just goes on forever. all of these people are here to watch us.’ But that’s only part of it. we get to inspire other people.” “We were at an event the other day and this mom came up to us and she said, ‘Thank you guys so much for putting out the clean version of these songs because my kids will start singing along with the original version, and they don’t really know what they’re singing! “It’s really hard to choose just one favorite part because I really like going onstage and performing for all of our fans.After he made it to the final 12, Grant took a short drive to Dallas, Texas where he participated in a two-day training session to discover which kids really had what it took to make the final cut. You just have to believe in yourself because you can do anything!“After that training session, it was about a month before they made their choice,” Grant recalled. ” KIDZ BOP isn’t just a bunch of young artists doing pop covers, they are an incredibly well-trained group of performers who put on a high-energy live show that involves some pretty intense choreography that goes along with the singing. ’ Then, a week or so later, they write back, ‘I got the part! We get to inspire people to live their dreams.” KIDZ BOP: Facebook • Twitter Grant: Instagram • Twitter Matt: Instagram • Twitter Sela: Instagram • Twitter Ashlynn: Instagram • Twitter Current list of upcoming tour dates for KIDZ BOP “Life Of The Party” 2016 tour: April 23 – Austin, TX – The Moody Theater April 24 – San Antonio, TX – Tobin Center for the Performing Arts April 29 – Rockford, IL – Coronado Performing Arts Center April 30 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater May 1 – Madison, WI – Capitol Theater May 6 – Minneapolis, MN – Pantages Theatre May 8 – Ralston, NE – Ralston Arena May 13 – Freehold, NJ – i Play America May 14 – Williamsburg, VA – Busch Gardens May 20 – Englewood, NJ – Bergen Performing Arts Center May 21 – Concord, NH – Capitol Center for the Arts May 22 – Northampton, MA – Calvin Theatre June 4 – Langhorne, PA – Sesame Place June 5 – Langhorne, PA – Sesame Place June 10 – Clearwater, FL – Capitol Theatre June 11 – Orlando, FL – Plaza LIVEJune 12 – Ft. First it was reported that she is dating Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey (although he denied it via Twitter and then linked to his actual girlfriend) and now it seems her ex-fiance, and the very most pathetic contestant in Bachelor history, Brad Womack just won’t leave her alone!Unfortunately those rumors about Emily dating Jeremy have led Brad to tirelessly dial his ex!They kept bumping in to each other at a Starbucks in LA.They may have nabbed the final rose — some even got a ring — but few winners of “The Bachelor” won their happily ever after.

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” And he says the proposal is one of his biggest regrets on doing the show. ” Matt also says that he thinks the reason he picked Shayne was because of her experience on camera and that she made his job easier. And says that he understands where they’re coming from and that he feels he “went from a respectable guy to a complete tool!’” Grant’s brother was an actor on “Barney.” He also played a part in a Smuckers commercial and had a number of other roles. I also like recording the CDs and making the music videos.Grant started dancing when he was 7 and started playing the piano and singing at age 9, but when he saw his brother’s accomplishments, that’s when he really started getting serious. ’ For his audition for KIDZ BOP, he had to beat out thousands of other kids from around the country who were also trying to become part of the famed group. But I have to say, it’s really cool when someone sends us a message on Instagram that says something like, ‘I have an audition for a play or a movie coming up and I’m really shy, so I don’t think I can do it.’ I’ll come back and tell them, ‘You can do it! "It's still new, but they've gone out a few times and are seeing how things go.

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