Lovers airforce dating singles airforce brides dating a narcissistic outcomes

“My daughter never had that time; she wasn’t the kind of lady that messed herself up with men.

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“I was very proud of her when I first saw her with the Air Force uniform when she came home last June/July. In 2012, she helped me get a job in the filling station where she worked then. She hated cheating,” said her friend, who gave her name as Opeyemi Obatola. She worked in several places just because she wanted to make ends meet and help her family,” said a neighbour, Femi Ogunbiyi.

Jolade also rubbished the killer boyfriend’s allegations that Oladipupo was double-dating.

“My sister had both male and female friends alike because she was an accommodating person. If she was a flirt, she wouldn’t have been hustling to look for jobs,” she said.

When he heard of his daughter’s tragic death, the father said he almost committed suicide.

“My children, friends and family members, who were there at the time, held me back,” he said, almost crying. Paul Marafa, said the deceased airwoman was jovial, hardworking and easy-going.

“Most idiots would insult me for this, but if they were in my shoes they would do the same,” wrote the killer boyfriend in a purported suicide note he had written.

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